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Del Mediático 2013 (II: Televisión)...

Seven Readers!!...

Continuamos con la tradicional lista de lo mejor del 2013. Toca el turno a la Televisión, todas las frases son tomadas de las series, sirven perfectamente para describirse a si mismas. Sin mayores preámbulos aquí vamos.


Mejores Dramas

Game of Thrones

"The Lannisters sends their regards"

The Newsroom

"There is honor in being the loyal opposition"

Under The Dome

"The Pink Stars are Falling"


"This is the only place where I Can find Peace"

Breaking Bad

"Shut the Fuck off and let me die in peace"

Boardwalk Empire

"The Only Thing that You Could Count on is Blood"

Orange is The New Black

"The truth is gonna make you her bitch"

Once Upon a Time

"The future isn't always what it seems. I will see You again".

The Following

"And so We Begin"

Peores Dramas


"I'm not a toy that You can play when your bored or lonely or horny"

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

"With great powers comes...a tone of weird crap You are not prepared to deal with"


"Thank You, for a truly horrific evening"

Grey's Anatomy

"It was a revolutionary glob of spit"

DaVinci's Demons

"Our life is made by the death of others"

Mejores Comedias

The Big Bang Theory

"How can You not be happy? You're tall thin and famous...Oh My God, I'm Jealous of Sheldon"

How I Met Your Mother

"One ticket to Farhampton please"


"That's Washington D.C. - District of Counts"

Modern Family

"He's a weird man. He's like Phil except I have to pay for Him".

Arrested Development

"¡Mouse Behind You, Mouse...Mouse!"..

Back in The Game

"See You on the field, Dick"


"My daughter is an easy laid and is not my fault"

Peores Comedias

Super Fun Night

"I just ordered four consolation pizzas. They're on their way"

Two and a half Men

"We're both like two lonely socks that want desperately to keep someone's feet warm"

Two Broke Girls

"I mean, it's life: lower your expectations"

Mike & Molly

"When you go on vacation is kind of vacation for all of us"

La Joyita que nadie vio (y por eso fue cancelada)


"Welcome to Little Oater Family Camp"

El suceso del año en la televisión

The Day of the Doctor

"Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost"

Serie Latinoamericana del Año.

Sr. Ávila

"Cualquiera puede ser asesino si tiene el motivo adecuado"

Peor remake en la historia de los remakes

Gossip Girl Acapulco

"¿Tú también crees que me veo bota, verdad?...¡Kill me now!...

El adiós más sincero


Personaje del año en la Televisión

Vince Gillian

Así la TV del 2013...

Salud pues......

Falta: lo mejor y lo peor del cine...

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Dib dijo...

Creo yo, que Breaking Bad está sobrevalorada. Está chida, pero no tanto.
De hecho la estoy viendo nada más para ver si llego a emocionarme como las legiones de fans que tiene.

Two broke girls es una serie que es de mis favoritas. Me parece más ingeniosa que the big bang theory.